Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tübingen - a university on the water

The Neckar River wends its way throughout the Württemberg region of southern Germany.
It has played an endearing role throughout the history not only of the university town
of Tübingen, but the entire region itself.

Not unlike Venice

Punts have been a part of Tübingen's river-life and scenery for ages. Students, locals and tourists alike have long enjoyed these low-slung boats for cruising the lovely river, enjoying picnics, cocktails, a bottle of champagne, and even playing their musical instruments directly on these pleasure crafts as they slowly "pole" their way through the water.

A black and white perspective:

 The colors of a late afternoon as autumn approaches:

Tübingen is most certainly worth the visit. It boasts one of the oldest universities in all of Germany, founded in 1477.  (See the official website of the university for more information on the school: University of Tübingen )

How to get there from Stuttgart, capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg: The Road to Tübingen