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Monday, June 17, 2013

University of Tübingen (Universität Tübingen) - an ancient tradition of learning

As I make my way out of Stuttgart (with return visits to be expected), I have found myself south of the city seeing other parts of this southern-most federal state in Germany - besides Bavaria next door, of course. This part of the state is the heart of Swabia (or Schwaben), where a dialect is spoken that not all in other parts of Germany may completely understand - certainly I don't - but of course, I am not a native speaker of German. 
I found this ancient university a very special place. There is just way too much to photograph and post. I have chosen only a few of the shots I have taken. You will need to visit this place yourself to get the full effect and see some of the other angles that are missing in this posting.
It, like so much else in Germany, is worth the visit!

The University

The University of Tübingen, known formally as Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is one of Europe's oldest institutes of higher learning. Founded in 1477 by Count (later Duke) Eberhard "the Bearded" of Württemberg, the school was opened with four faculties: Theology, Law, Medicine, and Philosophy. More faculties were added over the centuries

Market Square

Tübingen was the first German university to establish a university hospital in 1805, housing it in what is the university's oldest structure, dating back to 1478. This same building is still in use by the hospital today. 26,000 students from across the Federal Republic of Germany, Europe, and many corners of the world make up its diverse student body. 

Ornate facade of the Tübingen Rathaus (City Hall)

View of the roof facade of the Rathaus. 

View of the Rathaus balcony

Half-timber joists found in so many of the medieval structure found in Tübingen
Fountain in the Market Square

Rathaus as seen from one of the many narrow streets

One of two smaller tributaries which flow directly through the city of Tübingen into the
Neckar River below the city

View of the Wilhelmsstift to the left

Schloss Hohentübingen

The center of the university "town" of 90,000 is still most reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Tübingen lies on and above the Neckar River, making its way up the hill toward the castle-fortress above the city. There, one will find Schloß Hohentübingen, begun in 1078, which is also used today as the university museum - a must-see for any visitor to Tübingen.

Square outside of the Castle entrance

Entrance to Schloß Hohentübingen

Details of the entrance gate to the castle

Schloß Hohentübingen

In the Castle courtyard

From the Castle

View of the Neckar River as taken from the Castle of Hohentübingen
looking in the direction of the Schwäbisch Alb

A "Stocherkahn", or punt, unique to Tübingen on the Neckar River

The beautiful allée that runs the length of Neckarinseln (Neckar Island)
 which is located in the middle of the Neckar River directly below the castle,
Schloß Hohentübingen