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Monday, April 23, 2012

Architectural History in Stuttgart

Königsbau on the Königsstraße in the heart of Stuttgart     (© Copyright 2012)

Stuttgart is most certainly worth the visit whether you like history or not. Everywhere I go, I look for history, especially if it isn't staring me right in the face. I find myself being somehow magnetically pulled toward ornate and plain doorways alike, as well as windows boasting shutters and cornices and overhangs that most people never pay any attention to. I'm an avid walker and photographer. It's useless for me to take a city hike with another person unless that person has the same passion for architectural history and an imagination for how things looked "once upon a time" as I do. If I do walk with others, I make it clear in the beginning: "Don't wait for me: just go on ahead if I seem to be staring at a wall, door knob or shutter hinge. I'll catch up." Out comes the faithful Samsung Galaxy and the memory card is almost full by the time I get home. 

The State Opera (left) and the modern Landtag (state parliament)             (© Copyright 2012)

The Neues Schloß in the city center                                  (© Copyright 2012)

Market Day in Schillerplatz              (© Copyright 2012)

Stuttgart Opera                                                     (© Copyright 2012)

 The House of Economics                       (© Copyright 2012)